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The soul of Mexico in Toronto

Chef Yemin Hernandez

Chef Yemin Hernandez and Owner Yasmen De Leon are united by their appetite for traditional Mexican food and their desire to share those dishes with the world. At Comal y Canela the preservation of traditional regional Mexican dishes are overseen by chef Yemin Hernandez. Chef Yemin studied culinary business administration at the Centro Universitario Internacional De México Campus Xalapa. He  began his career in kitchens as a dishwasher it was here he noticed the ability to reach out and touch others via the kitchen which led him to constantly upgrade his skills and knowledge in the culinary arts. Chef Yemin’s growing interest in the culinary arts prompted him to work in different restaurants while  at the same time taking a variety of courses and specialty culinary workshops wherein he found his true love to be the gastronomy of Mexico.  Yemin took studies in pre-Hispanic cuisine and Mexican cuisine at the educational center group CEDVA.  His great passion for gastronomy and his hunger for knowledge led him to travel to different parts of the Mexican Republic, where he trained not only with great chefs but also with those people who held millennial recipes that  are passed from generation after generation. His commitment to preserving the traditions and authentic flavors of Mexican food led him to take the Mexican Gastronomy: Myths, Traditions and Celebrations course taught by the Autonomous University of Mexico. His greatest commitment within Mexican gastronomy is to be a Guardian of  the Corn, helping to preserve the original grains and avoiding the use of transgenic seeds, by providing support in his native Tlaxcala, to Mexico’s corn producers and by maintaining traditional methods of  nixtamalization and tortilla preparation in order to transmit their true value. Yemin moved from Mexico to Toronto where he can be found in the kitchens of Comal y Canela  where he seeks to maintain traditions and bring authentic Mexican food to the city.

When we say authentic, we mean it!

The magic begins with the cooking vessels in which we bring forth our culinary platform. Hand hammered Copper pots, hand made clay pots, and volcanic rock grinding stone mills all contribute to maintaining the Mexican flavors and history of pueblos magicos that we want you to experience.

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