The Most Authentic Mexican Cuisine In Toronto

When we say authentic, we mean it!


The magic begins with the cooking vessels in which we bring forth our culinary platform. Hand hammered Copper pots, hand made clay pots, and volcanic rock grinding stone mills all contribute to maintaining the Mexican flavors and history of pueblos magicos that we want you to experience. Our gluten-free corn tortillas are lovingly made on a daily basis from our in-house nixtamalized (masa) dough.  We maintain the magic throughout dedication to our dishes by creating our own in house artisanal pineapple vinegar.

This is used as one of our base ingredients in some of our signature dishes; just like our grandmothers used to make in days gone by.

Come and taste the difference, the authenticity of Mexican food on a good and healthy meal, delight yourself with one of our refreshing 100% natural Mexican drinks made with fresh fruits.

Indulge to enjoy the pleasure of tasting Mexican appetizers made with unique authentic and original Mexican recipes.  

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