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Guacamole with tortilla chips

Comal y Canela Nachos
Fresh chopped tomatoes,onions,cilantro & jalapeños,beans, Mexican cream and fresh cheese.

To make your nachos even more Delish Top with:  Carnitas or Chorizo or Ribeye.. or why not all 3!

SHRIMP COCKTAIL: a classic refreshing Mexican beachside treat made in the traditional Veracruz style with shrimps, avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, onion, jalapeños and our signature secret tomato cocktail sauce. Accompanied by lime wedges, saltines, ketchup and valentina sauce.

CAMPECHANO COCKTAIL: a shrimp and oyster cocktail made with a delicious blend of crunchy veggies & our signature tomato cocktail sauce. Accompanied by lime wedges, saltines, ketchup and valentina sauce


Our nixtamal dough  filled with mozzarella cheese fried then split open & filled with fresh lettuce,Mexican fresh cheese,cream. ​

Add: Pressed pork crackling in Guajillo, Chorizo, Ribeye, Carnitas,tongue

Tacos​ ​(​chorizo,​ carnitas, Choriqueso,   

Ribeye Tacos

Campechano Tacos

Guiso de Guajillo Tacos


Our nixtamal dough is shaped into a fat tortilla stuffed with chicharron prensado or chorizo lightly fried on ​the flat grill served with lettuce, Mexican fresh cream & fresh cheese.

Sopesitos Sencillos (3pcs)​
A thick  fried tortilla  made from our nixtamal ​dough​ topped with refried black beans,fresh lettuce,onion, mexican cream and fresh cheese. ​*TOP WITH: Pressed pork crackling in Guajillo, chorizo,Ribeye,carnitas,tongue, chicken, 

House Specialty

Tacos Gobernador (3)
Our nixtamal tortillas topped by a cheese crust then heaped with​ ​Shrimps & slices of poblano pepper sauteed in pico de gallo finished off with lime juice and fresh cilantro.

Enmoladas  (4)
Our Mole poblano contains over 20 ingredients,including dried chili peppers & chocolate. The chocolate works to counteract the heat of the chili peppers, but the taste of chocolate does not predominate. Our Nixtamal Tortillas are dipped into our Mole then stuffed with pulled chicken breast folded over and smothered with more Mole finished off with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, drizzled with fresh Mexican cream and fresh cheese.

Carnitas Michoacan
We simmer our pork “tail to snout” with citrus juices and other secret ingredients  in rendered lard for four hours until tender. The result is very tender & juicy meat.  served with chopped cilantro, onion, salsa, limes & our nixtamal tortillas

​Pozole​  ​chicken or pork 
A traditional soup, which once had ritual significance. It is made from hominy, with your choice of shredded chicken or pork. Comes with shredded lettuce,chili,onion, radishes, salsa & limes.

Birria​ ​ ​goat or beef
From the state of Jalisco​ a spicy stew of either goat or beef that is marinated in adobo and spices for more than 24hrs. Birria is  reputed to be the best hangover remedy. served with our nixtamal corn tortillas,onion, and lime and our very own birria hot sauce.

ENCHILADAS(4): ( Red or Green sauce): Tortillas filled with shredded chicken breast smothered in your choice of sauce topped with fresh cheese,cream and lettuce. TOP WITH: ribeye or chorizo.

PRESSED PORK IN GUAJILLO (single serving)  pressed carnitas & pork cracklings are slow cooked in a guajillo salsa resulting in one of the most traditional and popular mouthwatering dishes accompanied with rice



A cross between flan and creme brulee, this is a rich dessert originating in Jalisco, Mexico.

Cochinito de piloncillo​  
A traditional mexican soft cookie made with “piloncillo” an unrefined sweetener  from sugar cane.

Pan de Muerto


Morning combos

(Eggs any style served with beans, tortillas, cafe de olla, coffee or tea and seasonal fruit)

Chilaquil sandwich
A grilled bun with a crispy cheese layer on which is heaped chilaquiles drizzled with fresh Mexican cream and fresh Mexican cheese

Green or red salsa  is poured over corn tortilla chips, shredded chicken is added then garnished  with fresh mexican cream & fresh crumbled cheese.

MORNING TORTA: melted mozzarella cheese,refried beans,scrambled egg,tomato,onion,lettuce.  You can also add :chorizo or ribeye or ham.


MORNING BURRITO: omelette filled with melted cheese, tomato, onion, jalapeño,avocado,cheese and cream accompanied by refried beans. Treat yourself and add: chorizo or ham or carnitas.... yummm.

MOLLETES (2): an open faced sandwich consisting of toasted bread smothered in warm refried beans and melted mozzarella topped with pico de gallo, fresh mexican cheese and cream.  Top with: chorizo,eggs ,shredded chicken, ribeye.

Just Eggs​ : scrambled with chorizo, a la Mexicana, scrambled with ham,


Fresh juice of the day

Cafe de olla

Ground coffee,cinnamon,piloncillo,cloves & all spice are simmered in a traditional clay pot.

Regular Coffee   

Tepache​ ​(Thurs.  to Sunday)

A partially fermented drink  from pineapples sweetened  with piloncillo & cinnamon,served cold.


A thick hot drink elaborated from ground maize, chocolate, cinnamon and sugar

Atole of the day