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Sopa de Tortilla

CHUNKY GUACAMOLE & TORTILLA CHIPS: Fresh avocados are diced when you place your order and are then blended to perfection with diced tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, fresh lime juice and, other ingredients. served with a generous portion of our house-made corn tortilla chips. 

MINI SINCRONIZADAS: Flour tortilla wedges stuffed with ham & cheese with a side of “Pico de Gallo”

Sopa de TortillaTORTILLA SOUP: Many attribute the origin of the tortilla soup to the state of Tlaxcala (soil of Maize) and although the exact origin of the tortilla soup is unknown, what is a given is that this  hearty flavorful soup that is ladled over crispy tortilla strips, shredded chicken breast, cheese and topped with chunks of fresh avocado is a favored comfort food for Mexicans all over the world.

NachosNACHOS: Our Comal y Canela nachos are a perfect way to kick off your meal. Comal y Canela nachos are chock-full of pico de gallo, beans and queso fresco they are just right for sharing while waiting for your main meal.

SHRIMP COCKTAIL: a classic refreshing Mexican beachside treat made in the traditional Veracruz style with our signature secret made from scratch tomato cocktail sauce accompanied by lime wedges, saltines, ketchup, and Valentina sauce.

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