Wake up to a great day with an authentic Mexican breakfast in Toronto

  • Breakfast

    Wake up to a great day with an authentic Mexican breakfast in Toronto.

  • Morning combos

    Morning combos

    Eggs any style served with beans, tortillas, cafe de olla, coffee or tea and seasonal fruit

    Diferentes opciones de huevos acompañados de frijoles, tortillas, cafe de olla, o cafe regular o te, y frutas de la estacion

  • Morning Burrito

    Morning Burrito

    Omelet filled with melted cheese, tomato, onion, jalapeño, avocado, cheese and cream accompanied by refried beans. Treat yourself and add “Chorizo” or ham or carnitas…. yummy.

    Un omelette con queso derretido, tomate, cebolla, jalapeños, aguacate, queso y crema, acompañado de frijóles refritos. Agrégale Chorizo, o jamon o carnitas….. Delicioso.

  • Molletes


    An open-faced sandwich consisting of toasted bread smothered in warm re-fried beans and melted mozzarella topped with pico de gallo, fresh Mexican cheese and cream.  Top with: chorizo, eggs, shredded chicken, rib eye. (2 molletes serving)

    Una torta abierta con pan crujiente y cubierto de frijoles refritos calientes, y queso mozzarella derretido y pico de gallo encima, queso fresco Mexicano y crema.
    Agrégale: Chorizo, huevos, pollo deshebrado, rib eye
    Porción 2 mollete

  • Chilaquiles



    Chilaquiles drizzled with fresh Mexican cream and fresh Mexican cheese, beans, fried eggs, specialty salsa

    Chilaquiles fritos con crema y queso Mexicanos frescos, frijóles, huevos fritos, y una salsa de nuestra especialidad

  • Morning Torta / Torta mañanera

    Morning Torta / Torta mañanera

    Melted mozzarella cheese, re-fried beans, scrambled egg, tomato, onion, lettuce.  You can also add chorizo or rib eye or ham.

    Costra de queso, frijoles refritos, chorizo, huevo, tomate, cebolla, lechuga.
    Añade: carnitas.

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