• Mains

    Mains – Now, this is real & authentic Mexican main entre to delight and reasons for you to come back and taste again. There is no other Mexican restaurant where you will try this mains with this unique flavor

  • Pollo en Mole

    Pollo en Mole

    Pollo en Mole: is extraordinary delicious and rich main dish and one of the most traditional Mexican to celebrate “5 de Mayo”. Perfectly cook to tender Chicken bated in a very complex composition of mixed spices and Mexican chocolate
    Select portions for: 1, 3 or 6 persons.

    Pollo en Mole: Un extraordinario y delicioso platillo y una de los platillos mas tradicionales para celebrar el “5 de Mayo”. Perfectamente cocinado el pollo tierno sumergido en una compleja mezcla de especies y chocolate Mexicano.
    Selecciona las porciones para: 1, 3 o 6 personas.

  • Tampiqueña


    A succulent flatten beef stake, gently fried an served along with a Chilaquiles with cheese and cream, rice and cilantro, avocado, beans with it’s own fresh fried nachos, soft corn tortillas on the side and spicy sauce

  • Pozole


    A traditional soup of prehispanic origin, which once had ritual significance. This soup is made with generous servings amounts of  cacahuazintle corn  with your choice of pulled chicken breast or pork. served with shredded lettuce, dried chili powder, onion, radishes, salsa & limes.

  • Carnitas


    We simmer our pork “tail to snout” with citrus juices and other secret ingredients in its own rendered lard for more than four hours until fall of the bone perfection. The result is a very tender & juicy meat.  served with a side of beans chopped cilantro, onion, salsas, limes & our nixtamal tortillas

  • Birria


    From the state of Jalisco​ a spicy stew of either goat or beef that is marinated in adobo and spices for more than 24hrs. Birria is reputed to be the best hangover remedy. served with our nixtamal corn tortillas, onion, and lime and our very own Birria (special Mexican style goat meat soup) and hot sauce.

  • Quesadillas


    Our freshly made “Nixtamal masa” (corn dough) is placed in a wooden press to give it a flat thin tortilla shape into which is added  a mix of cheeses folded over and sealed then deep fried to golden perfection our final step is to split it open & fill it with fresh shredded  lettuce, “Mexican queso fresco” (Fresh cheese) and Mexican fresh cream. ​Add: Asada (Grilled meat), artisanal in house-made chorizo (sausage), Carnitas (Fried pork meat), Carne enchilada (Spicy meat)

  • Giant Sopes

    Giant Sopes

    Our fresh :Nixtamal masa” (corn dough) is shaped into a fat tortilla that which is then placed on ​the flat grill while the tortilla is still piping  hot the sides of it are pinched creating a natural shallow receptacle that will hold a thin bed of beans topped with your choice of “Cochinita”, “Asada”, “Artisanal Chorizo”, “Carnitas” or “Campechano” and finished  off with shredded lettuce, Mexican fresh cream, and Mexican “Queso Fresco” & “Tinga de Pollo”

    Una tortilla gigante de Nixtamal fresca con sus orillas pellizcada  rellena de una cama de frijol molido, proteina de su elección, terminada con lechuga, queso fresco y crema.

    Escoge tu proteina: Chorizo, Carnitas, Asada, Carne Enchilada, Choriqueso, Campechano y Tinga de Pollo

  • Enmoladas


    Our Mole poblano contains over 32 ingredients, including dried chili peppers & chocolate. The chocolate works to counteract the heat of the chili peppers, but the taste of chocolate does not predominate. Our Nixtamal Tortillas are dipped into our Mole then stuffed with pulled chicken breast and smothered with our artisanal  Mole garnished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, drizzled with fresh Mexican cream and Mexican queso fresco. served with rice.

    4 tortillas sumergidas en nuestro mole artesanal rellenas de pechuga de pollo desmenuzada. acompañadas con arroz.

  • Enchiladas


    ENCHILADAS ( Red or Green sauce): 4 tortillas filled with pulled chicken breast smothered in your choice of sauce topped with fresh cheese, queso fresco and shredded lettuce. served with rice.

    4 tortillas rellenas de pollo deshebrado en tu elección de salsa Roja o verde. Acompañadas con arroz 

    AÑADE:  Asada, Carne Enchilada, Cecina, Chorizo

  • Chilaquiles


    Are the ultimate Mexican comfort food as well as being considered by many to be one of the top hangover remedies. at Comal y Canela this dish of in house made crunchy tortilla wedges bathed in our artisanal sauces can be enjoyed with either freshly prepared spicy green or red salsa. This menu item is prepared when ordered and served fresh drizzled in “Crema Fresca” and crumbled Mexican queso fresco with a side order of beans and avocado. Our “Chilaquiles Fuertes” can be accompanied with either grilled meat, spicy meat or pulled chicken breast. For those who start their day early at Comal y Canela, you can enjoy our breakfast chilaquiles special with eggs or chorizo.

    The word “Chilaquiles” is derived from the ancient Aztec Nahuatl language which can only mean that this dish has been hitting the spot for Mexicans for a very long time.

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