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Tacos Gobernador (3)
Our nixtamal tortillas are given a cheese crust that is then heaped with​ ​fresh shrimps that have been lightly sauteed in “Pico de Gallo” and finished off with “Crema Fresca”, fresh lime juice, and “Cilantro” (Colander).

1 TACO: “Carnitas”, “Chorizo”, “Cochinita”, “Asada”, “Carne enchilada”, “Campechano”, “Suadero”

TACO ORDER (4): “Carnitas”, “Chorizo”, “Cochinita”, “Asada”, “Carne Enchilada”, “Campechano”, “Suadero”

cheese makes everything better melted especially chorizo, carnitas, “Asada”, “Suadero” or “Campechano” tacos!

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