GUAJOLOTE (chalupita sandwich)




A Sinfully delicious Mexican Torta that not everyone knows about. Originally from Hidalgo Comal y Canela’s Guajolote is made by grilling sliced torta bread and giving it a cheese crust that is then spread with a thin layer of puréed beans. The artisanal buns are then filled with 2 Nixtamal chalupas, fresh “salsa verde cruda”  fresh Mexican cream, fresh Mexican cheese, shredded lettuce, onion all this topped with your choice of Cecina Yecapixtla or grilled steak strips.

Additional information

Choose your hot sauce

Habanero (VERY HOT), Morita (MILD), No salsa (no hot sauce), Verde (MEDIUM)

Proteínas (proteins)

Asada (grilled steak strips), Cecina Yecapixtla (beef)


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