ORDEN DE TACOS (4 tacos)


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A filling meal made up of of 4 tacos filled with the protein a protein of your choice.  All our fillings are made from scratch using fresh high quality ingredients. Choose from

carnitas Michoacanas (Braised pork)

Chorizo Mexicano (Spicy Mexican pork sausage)

Asada (grilled steak strips)

Campechano (a mix of Mexican pork sausage and grilled steak strips)

Pollo en rajas ( chicken breast strips, poblano peppers and corn on a bed of rice)

Guiso de Chicharron prensado En Guajillo


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ASADA (grilled steak strips), Campechano (beef & pork), Carnitas Michoacanas (braised pork), Chorizo (pork sausage), Guiso de Chicharron prensado en guajillo, POLLO POBLANO (chicken breast strips w poblano peppers & corn)

Choose your hot sauce

CyC Macha (HOT) peanuts,nuts,sesame seeds, dry peppers, in olive oil), Habanero (VERY HOT), Morita (MILD), No salsa (no hot sauce), Verde (MEDIUM)


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