Sopes Gigantes (giant sopes)


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Giant sized thick tortilla with pinched sides to form an edible plate filled with Pureed black beans, protein of choice: (Chorizo, Carnitas, Asada, Choriqueso, Campechano,Tinga de Pollo.) Shredded lettuce, queso fresco and crema fresca.

Additional information

PROTEÍNA (protein)

ASADA (grilled steak strips), Campechano (beef & pork), Carnitas Michoacanas (braised pork), Choriqueso pork sausage & cheese), Chorizo (pork sausage), Chorizo Toluqueño (chicken chorizo), POLLO POBLANO (chicken breast strips w poblano peppers & corn)

Choose your hot sauce

Birriera hot sauce(peanuts,nuts,sesame seeds, dry peppers, in olive oil), Habanero, Morita, No salsa (no hot sauce), Verde