Taco mix n match


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Mix n match your taco order

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Choose your tacos

2 campechano tacos, 2 carnitas michoacanas tacos, 2 chorizo tacos, 2 grilled steak strip tacos (asada), 2 savoury pork chorizo potato tacos (choripapa)

Choose second tacos option

2 choripotato sautee tacos (choripapa), 2 carnitas michoacanas tacos (braised pork tail to snout), 2 chorizo tacos ( savoury pork chorizo )

Choose your hot sauce

CyC Macha (HOT) peanuts,nuts,sesame seeds, dry peppers, in olive oil), Habanero (VERY HOT), Morita (MILD), No salsa (no hot sauce), Verde (medium)


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