Comal y Canela Traditional Mexican Kitchen

Mexican dishes find their origin in the art of combining fresh ingredients and age old cooking techniques. We pay homage by sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients from Mexico and using the techniques that were developed by its indigenous prehispanic people.

Mexican restaurant

“Made from scratch”

Comal y Canela a“made from scratch” kitchen brings you the experience of eating at an abuelita or tia’s  home by serving you home style  slow cooked dishes that preserve their Mexican cultural culinary heritage. Our dishes generally take 20mins to prepare as they are freshly individually prepared upon ordering.






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About Comal Y Canela

Comal y Canela mission statement

To serve the highest quality Mexican indigenous and contemporary cuisine.

To serve our menu items  as quickly as possible without compromising quality, texture, flavour or ancestral culinary techniques.

To  use the time tested labour intensive cooking processes that are inherent in traditional Mexican dishes

To be the soul of Mexico in Toronto by supporting the community and providing them with a happy home.

"It tastes different"

Comal y Canela provides savory Mexican food employing fresh ingredients, traditional cooking methods, age old skills and ancestral culinary techniques.The flavour in our food is the result of spices, vegetables, fruits and meats releasing their essence into the dish this is why from one day to the next  there will always be a slight variation in taste. Our food is at the mercy of Mother Nature  as we do NOT use any mass produced commercial ingredients or  flavour packets.